Earn $B3TR Tokens for Healthy Habits with VeBetterDAO Partnership

  • VeChain and Vyvo Smart Chain enhance health monitoring with $B3TR token rewards.
  • Users incentivized through the Health Index for maintaining healthy lifestyles.

Vyvo Smart Chain has joined forces with VeChain’s VeBetterDAO, bringing a transformative approach to health and lifestyle monitoring. This collaboration is designed to reward users with $B3TR tokens for their healthy behaviors, seamlessly integrating with the Vyvo Health Index.

Innovative Rewards System

Blockchain expert Collin Brown highlights the benefits of this partnership, noting that users can earn $B3TR tokens by maintaining healthy lifestyle habits tracked through the innovative Health Index.

This system rewards users weekly based on their Health Index Score (HIS), which assesses various health metrics to reflect the overall quality of an individual’s health. Higher HIS scores lead to greater rewards, encouraging users to engage in healthier behaviors actively.

Seamless Integration and Community Participation

To participate, users must connect their Vyvo VeWorld wallet to the Health Index, enabling them to earn $B3TR tokens effortlessly. Moreover, involvement in VeBetterDAO governance is encouraged, as voting for Vyvo Smart Chain could increase the available $B3TR token distribution, further enhancing user benefits. This process is supported by a user-friendly app interface that allows for efficient management of both health data and financial incentives.

Despite the strategic approach in the market, the recent CNF update on VeChain’s collaboration with UFC represents a significant advancement in the application of blockchain technology beyond just financial markets.

The impact of this partnership on VET’s price indicates a promising potential for a bull run toward $0.05. Currently, VeChain (VET) is experiencing market fluctuations, trading at $0.02939 with a recent decline of 3.92% daily and 15.23% weekly. For more details on the price movements, view the price chart here:


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