Weight loss: A doctor shares five foods to eat every day for weight loss


While weight loss drugs have become a hot topic, what you eat is one of the most important things to consider on any weight loss journey.

Incorporating five types of foods into your diet can boost your fibre and protein intake and help with weight loss. There is also one type of food you should completely avoid.

One of the most discussed medications for weight loss is Ozempic.

This is a diabetes medication that has gained attention due to its weight loss side effects, such as reducing a person’s appetite which is helped by increasing GLP-1 levels.

Eating a boiled egg

Eggs are a great source of protein and vitamins


However, the drug is not available in the UK for weight loss and Dr Ashwin Sharma at MedExpress explained how changing what you eat can be a better way to achieve healthy weight loss results.

She said: “Instead of turning to Ozempic, some small-scale studies have shown that certain food groups may naturally increase GLP-1 levels to manage blood sugar, reduce appetite, and support weight loss efforts.

“I recommend avoiding ultra-processed foods and focusing on nutrient-dense whole foods.”

The doctor shared it is important to ditch processed foods and instead focus on five main food types that are packed full of protein, fibre and vital nutrients.

Whole grains

Dr Sharma said: “Oats and brown rice are fibre-rich and may trigger the release of GLP-1. They’re also good sources of slow-release energy, which helps keep your blood sugar stable.”

Fibre is a great tool for weight loss as it helps slimmers to feel full while eating fewer calories. It can also help stabilise blood sugar levels.


The expert added: “Chickpeas, beans and lentils are high in fibre and protein, and excellent at providing sustained energy throughout the day.”


“These are high in protein and monounsaturated fats,” she continued.


Fruits and vegetablesLeafy greens are great for weight lossGETTY

Protein is key for weight loss as it suppresses the appetite, boost the metabolism – which can speed up fat-burning in the body – and helps build muscle when paired with exercise.

Vegetables and leafy greens

“These are high in fibre and micronutrients, helping to slow digestion and improve feelings of fullness,” the doctor said.

Healthy fats

Dr Sharma added: “Nuts and healthy oils contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, helping with hormone production and GLP-1 release.”

The doctor added slimmers can burn fat and see “significant” weight loss with four essential rules.


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