Tiffany Franco’s New Slim Face After Extraordinary Weight Loss Milestone In 2024 (Recent Transformation In Photos)


Tiffany Franco from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way has achieved a slim face in 2024, thanks to her praiseworthy weight loss transformation. When she first appeared on the show with her former husband, Ronald Smith, she weighed nearly 300 pounds. She was happy as a single mother but hoped to build a stable family with her South African beau. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as Tiffany had planned. Disheartened by Ronald’s inability to fulfill his roles, Tiffany shifted her focus to her health. She started working out and losing weight. Tiffany underwent bariatric surgery in 2021, dropping significant weight quickly.

In 2022, Tiffany debuted in 90 Day: The Single Life, where she surprised everyone with her sudden transformation. Gone were the days of posting close-up selfies, as the mom of two began sharing full-body photos flaunting her cinched waist and hourglass figure. At that time, Tiffany finally broke up with Ronald, releasing herself from the toxic relationship. She also made an Instagram page to discuss her weight-loss journey and started putting all her energy into her makeup brand. As of 2024, Tiffany has lost more than 91 pounds. She hopes to be 190 pounds someday.


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Tiffany Reveals Her New Sculpted Face In A Makeup Video

Fans Praise How Tiffany’s New Eyebrows Look

Tiffany has been flaunting her newly chiseled face since her weight-loss transformation. In March 2024, she posted a video of herself doing her makeup routine. She looked happy and kept her makeup minimal. Tiffany smiled in the video and talked about her active lifestyle. She told fans she planned to go to a nightclub. Tiffany’s followers were mesmerized by her beauty and glow-up. Co-star Cortney Reardanz from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise wrote, “beautiful love your makeup.”

A social media user commented,
“wow, someone got her eyebrows lifted,”
noting that Tiffany’s new eyebrows look
“super high.”

Tiffany Shows Off Her Chiseled Jawline In A Happy Photo With Son

Tiffany Poses Alongside Hollywood Actor, Jon Bernthal

Tiffany has been enjoying her post-divorce life, focusing on things that matter. In February 2024, Tiffany posted a photo with her teen son, Daniel, and actor Jon Bernthal. She looked as charming as ever and seemed very excited. Even though Tiffany isn’t an actress, the photo proves she has become just as enchanting as Hollywood stars. The mom of two also has a sharp jawline. Over 14k people liked Tiffany’s post, with many claiming she looked “hot.”

Someone even wrote,
“God bless. You look amazing too mama. Keep up the good work.”

Tiffany Looks Radiant In A Cozy Photo With Her Boyfriend

Tiffany Looks Happy & At Peace With Her New Man

Tiffany has been dating actively since her divorce. In February 2024, she posted a close-up selfie with her newest crush/boyfriend. The 90 Day Fiancé franchise alum looked incredibly cute beside him. In addition to her medium-length straight hair, Tiffany wore eyeliner and light lipstick. She also wore minimal makeup and muted tones. While the former reality TV star didn’t confirm her relationship, she titled the post with a heart emoji. As expected, Tiffany’s loyal fans loved the post and showered her with kind comments, applauding her new man and encouraging her to keep moving forward.

Tiffany’s post got over 13k likes because people adore her. They’ve been watching her for years and want her to fulfill all her dreams. In 2020, Tiffany was probably in the worst phase of her life. She was a single mom, overweight, and unable to change her circumstances because of Ronald. Fortunately, Tiffany took control of her life and believed she deserved more. She began dating other men in 90 Day: The Single Life while flaunting her impressive weight-loss transformation. Fans like that Tiffany is treading lightly this time and not rushing into a committed relationship.


90 Day Fiancé: Did Tiffany Franco Achieve Her Goal After Weight Loss Surgery? (Her New Photos Show Major Transformation)

90 Day Fiancé’s Tiffany Franco has posted a video to flaunt her new weight loss results. She looks forward to achieving her final goal, 190 pounds.

Tiffany’s Healthy Skin Earns Her Well-Deserved Praise

Tiffany’s Fans Love To See Her Glow After Falling In Love

Tiffany’s weight loss hasn’t just helped her achieve a toned physique, but it has also helped her make her skin healthy. Most of her latest pictures show her glowing, regardless of the makeup. This beauty transformation not only helps her promote her cosmetics brand but also helps her earn well-deserved praise. In January, Tiffany posted another selfie with her new lover. She got over 25k likes, with people praising her overall beauty. A social media user commented, “you are so beautiful, I wish you liked women too.”

Another user wrote,
“a woman just glows differently when she’s loved properly.”

Tiffany Flaunts Her Slimmer Face In A Pouting Photo

Scott Wern Praises Tiffany’s Full-Body Mirror Selfie

Tiffany rarely posted full photos of herself a few years ago. However, she has completely changed her social image since losing weight and has become confident to post mirror selfies online. In January 2024, Tiffany surprised fans by sharing a candid mirror selfie without filters. She rocked an all-black attire and pouted, highlighting her physical and facial features. Apart from her long neck and chiseled jaw, Tiffany showed she no longer had a double chin. Tiffany looked so fit that many of her co-stars complimented her. Scott Wern wrote, “look amazing.” Tania Maduro commented, “okaaaaaayyyy,” followed by fire emojis.

Tiffany Shares Old Photos To Reveal Her 90-Pound Weight Loss

Tiffany’s Two-Year Fitness Transformation Receives Recognition

Tiffany isn’t ashamed of her past. She likes to talk about it often and compare her new self to her old self. Earlier in 2024, she posted a video comparing some of her old videos to new ones. In the video, she first showcased her current physique, looking fit in a pink crop top and black yoga pants. She then compared it to her old mirror selfie, showing how disappointed she felt when she was 90 pounds overweight. Tiffany used the post to spread body positivity.

Tiffany told her past self,
“I’ll look after you.”

Tiffany’s video received comments from fans congratulating her for her continued progress. Some talked about how incredible she looked, while others posted clapping emojis. Kimberly Menzies wrote, “so proud of you seriously. You’ve always been so beautiful.”

Deavan Clegg commented,
“you look amazing,”
and Tiffany replied,
“baby girl!!!!!!! I miss you please let’s catch up.”

Tiffany deserves all the praise for achieving so many milestones within two years. The 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star hasn’t only enhanced her body and face but has transformed herself into a secure and successful person.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way

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