The Best Taco Bell Order for Weight Loss


Losing weight can be challenging, especially when it comes to tweaking your diet. While fast food certainly isn’t a healthy option to turn to regularly, there are some expert tips and tricks to follow when treating yourself to a grab-and-go meal. When you’re craving Taco Bell goodness, for instance, look no further than our top-recommended Taco Bell order for weight loss.

We’re here to spill the beans on the tastiest, most waistline-friendly picks from the Taco Bell menu, along with healthy ordering tips.

The Chicken Burrito Supreme Fresco and Mad Tasty Grapefruit Sparkling Water is the best Taco Bell order for weight loss.

Taco Bell chicken supreme burritoTaco Bell chicken supreme burrito
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Nutrition (Per 1 burrito):
Calories: 370
Fat: 11 g (Saturated Fat: 5 g)
Sodium: 1170 mg
Carbs: 49 g (Fiber: 6 g, Sugar: 4 g)
Protein: 19 g

The Chicken Burrito Supreme Fresco is considered a better choice for weight loss at Taco Bell because of its “Fresco” style, which is lower in calories and fat than the chain’s regular menu items. These menu items replace high-calorie ingredients like cheese and sour cream with salsa, which is naturally low in calories.

Substituting chicken for beef will decrease the overall fat content of the meal, thus further lowering the calories. To lose weight, you need to create a calorie deficit by consuming fewer calories than you burn. Despite being lower in fat, chicken still provides a good amount of protein, which is essential for muscle repair, immune function, and satiety. By choosing chicken, you can maintain the protein content of your meal without the extra fat, which can help you feel full and satisfied, potentially reducing the urge to snack later on.

This meal provides a balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats, which can help maintain energy levels and support muscle mass. Pairing it with Mad Tasty Grapefruit Sparkling Water can add flavor to your meal without adding too many extra calories. (In fact, this beverage option has just five calories per serving with no sugars/added sugars.)

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Tips for ordering a healthier meal at Taco Bell:

taco bell exterior on a designed backgroundtaco bell exterior on a designed background
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Ordering a healthier meal at Taco Bell can be done by making mindful choices and customizing your order with low-calorie hacks. Here are six tips:

1. Choose “Fresco” style.

Taco Bell’s “Fresco” options offer a healthier alternative by replacing high-calorie ingredients like cheese and sour cream with pico de gallo, a fresh salsa. This reduces the meal’s calorie and fat content and adds a burst of flavor without the extra sodium and fat.

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2. Opt for lean protein.

Opting for lean protein sources like grilled chicken, steak, or beans can help you stay full and satisfied without the excess calories and saturated fats in other protein options.

3. Skip the extras.

Extras like extra cheese, sour cream, or guacamole can add significant calories and fat to your meal. By skipping these extras, you can enjoy a lighter, healthier option without sacrificing flavor.

4. Customize your order.

Taco Bell allows for customization, so take advantage of this by asking for modifications to suit your dietary needs. For example, you can request extra vegetables for added fiber or add extra meat for a double dose of protein.

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5. Add fiber.

Adding fiber-rich foods like beans or vegetables to your meal can help you feel fuller longer and aid in digestion. Fiber also helps regulate blood sugar levels and can contribute to overall heart health.

6. Drink water.

To reduce calorie intake, opt for water instead of sugary beverages. Water also helps keep you hydrated and can support a healthy digestive system.


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