Teddi Mellencamp Shows ‘Loose Skin’ in Bikini After Weight Loss

  • Teddi Mellencamp, 42, posed in a bikini on Instagram to display the “loose skin” on her abdomen.
  • The skin is a result of significant past weight loss.
  • “I’m done covering. It’s time to celebrate this body and everything it’s done for me,” she wrote.

From melanoma treatment to weight loss, Teddi Mellencamp has been as honest as possible about her health journey with followers. And a new post is an extension of that—the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star happily posed in a bikini to display the “loose skin” she has on her abdomen after losing weight.

In the post, current-day Mellencamp poses next to a throwback photo from before her weight loss in which she wore a baggy long-sleeved tee and shorts. “For years I would be anxious going to the pool or beach, uncomfy in myself, and thought covering up like in the left photo was all I needed,” she wrote. Circa 2018 to 2019, she lost a total of 80 pounds, during which she started her coaching program All In by Teddi, she previously told Prevention. But even then, she was left with lingering insecurities that crept up on summer days.

“There were things I would still pick at myself about, like the loose skin you see on my stomach in the right photo,” the 42-year-old continued. “But I’m done covering. It’s time to celebrate this body and everything it’s done for me. Because what I’ve finally come to realize is that it’s the FEELING that matters: The feeling of you’re doing the best for yourself, the feeling of owning your story, the feeling of being kind to yourself and honoring where you are right now, and knowing that you are worthy. This is the true essence of a ‘summer body.’”

Mellencamp started her post with the statement: “There is no such thing as a summer body.”

Fans and friends loved Mellencamp’s honesty and chimed in with a chorus of celebration—of themselves, and each other. “I’m loving this!!! It’s sooo true… everyone has insecurities about something, but loving ourselves is most important!!😃💪🤗💕” one person commented. “You are so great!!! I need these words now🩵,” another added. “This is so powerful. For me as a mom of three and aging body it’s so empowering to see you share your beautiful, real body!” someone else wrote.

Another reminder that a single honest post can go a long way.

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