Tammy’s Sweet Treat TikToks After Weight Loss (& Other Delicious Posts)



  • Tammy Slaton lost 440 pounds but still enjoys food, making positive diet changes after a serious health scare.
  • After weight loss surgery, Tammy stays healthy but still indulges in favorite treats like cookies and candy.
  • Tammy documents her love for food on TikTok, showing fans her joyful reactions while she maintains her weight loss.

1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton has lost over 440 pounds, but her social media posts show that she still enjoys food as much as before. The Dixon, Illinois resident began her weight loss journey in 2019 when she weighed over 700 pounds and struggled with food addiction. 1000-lb Sisters season 1 showed Tammy making a few positive changes, but she ultimately struggled to maintain them and experienced a severe relapse. She gained so much weight that it affected her ability to breathe, and doctors had to put her in a coma to save her life.

When Tammy returned home from the hospital, she gained a new appreciation for her life. The experience helped her come back to reality and inspired her to make lasting positive changes.

Initially, she resumed her fitness journey by joining a rehabilitation center, stopped eating junk food, and started exercising. Eventually, Tammy decided to undergo bariatric surgery. The surgery helped her lose almost 400 pounds, allowing her to live freely. In 2024, Tammy is more confident than ever, grateful to be alive and proud of her weight loss transformation.


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Tammy Slaton Munched On Pink & White Cookies

Tammy Found The Strawberry & Cheesecake Cookies Delicious

Tammy struggled with food addiction for a long time. It was difficult for her to control her cravings, stay disciplined, and lose weight. However, after the health scare, she made significant changes to her lifestyle and diet in order to lose weight. Following weight loss surgery, Tammy has lost 440 pounds. While she is now the healthiest she has ever been and has to follow a strict diet to maintain her weight loss, Tammy still allows herself to indulge in foods she enjoys. She particularly has a fondness for cookies.

A video posted by Tammy on TikTok shows her having pink and white cookies sent by a well-wisher. In the video, Tammy excitedly tried strawberry and cheesecake cookies for the very first time, exclaiming, “so good” after taking a bite. She joked about feeling full after just one cookie but didn’t hesitate to try another and even shared one with her nephew. It was courageous of Tammy to film her reaction while eating, as some critics like to judge her eating habits and make negative comments about her straying from her diet.

Tammy Slaton Ate Bunny Crackers

Tammy Liked The Taste Of Gluten-Free Crackers

Tammy rocked a camouflage jacket in another video titled “so good im still a kid at heart lol” and tried out some gluten-free Bunny Grahams crackers in cocoa and vanilla flavor. While she didn’t say much about the taste in words, her joyful expressions showed she loved every bite. She couldn’t even resist grabbing another one while jamming to a Bad Bunny song playing in the background. Many 1000-lb Sisters fans were thrilled to see Tammy enjoying the cookies and praised her on her amazing weight-loss journey.

Tammy Slaton Craved Candy Pickles

Tammy Now Appreciates Sour Candies As Her Palate Has Developed

In November 2023, Tammy posted a video discussing her cravings for sour candies. She talked about her health and confirmed that she was feeling okay. The 1000-lb Sisters cast member mentioned that before her surgery, she used to primarily eat hot and spicy food. However, she explained that her preferences have evolved, and she now craves sweet and sour pickle candies. In the video, Tammy was seen opening a bag of these sweet treats and shared that some of them were tamarind flavored, although she admitted that she could be mistaken. She also showed viewers some jello and liquorice-based treats.

Throughout her TikTok video, Tammy happily indulged in some fast food. She savored a sip of the hot pickle juice and used a mini shovel to dig in. Tammy then filled her pickle with candy dust and other treats. She wrapped it up with a long tape of candy and took a bite out of it. She said, “it works. I am a fan now.” Wrapping up the video, Tammy expressed her gratitude to her fans for their support. The video demonstrated that the 1000-lb Sisters star still loves her food without going overboard.

1000-lb Sisters

seasons 1-5 can be streamed on Discovery +.

Tammy Slaton

37 years old

Lost 440 pounds

Amy Slaton

36 years old

Lost 125 pounds

Chris Combs

44 years old

Lost 150 pounds

Amanda Halterman

43 years old

Lost 300+ pounds

Misty Slaton Wentworth

48 years old


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