Pedro Jimeno’s Face Is Changing After Weight Loss


Pedro Jimeno from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise has achieved defined facial features following his 45-pound weight loss. Pedro was first featured on 90 Day Fiancé season 4 with his American wife, Chantel Everett. Although the couple had compatibility issues and faced opposition from their respective families, they tied the knot. However, Chantel and Pedro’s marriage didn’t last long, and they documented the breakdown in their relationship in The Family Chantel season 5. Although Pedro has been called a user for breaking Chantel’s heart, it hasn’t deterred him from working towards his goals.

Pedro received his license to work as a real estate agent in July 2021 and started working in the Georgia region. Per his social media posts, he has sold many homes in the past few years. Since he is one of the top performers at his workplace, he may likely have earned a massive income. In late 2022, Pedro showed his expensive car, the Audi RS5, on social media and rubbed happiness in his critics’ faces. In 2024, he bought a new truck, Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, which may have cost him up to $48,395.


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How Did Pedro Look In The Debut Season?

Pedro Always Had A Muscular & Strong Physique

When Pedro first debuted in 90 Day Fiancé season 4 in 2016, he looked leaner and muscular. In fact, Chantel said Pedro’s physical appearance was the first thing which made her feel attracted to him. Pedro’s throwback pictures show that he had defined abs and could easily pick Chantel up. However, after he moved to the United States, he felt he gradually gained weight due to his unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, he started his weight loss journey. While Pedro has a busy schedule working as a real estate agent, he regularly makes time for the gym.

What Did Pedro Do To Lose Weight?

Pedro Started Muay Thai Training To Drop Weight Quickly

Pedro started taking his health more seriously in 2020 and overhauled his lifestyle. He started Muay Thai training, which helped him lose the most weight quickly. Per Pedro‘s social media posts, he began working under Bangkok Boxing Fitness expert Khunpon S. Dechkampu, and within a month, he lost seven pounds. Pedro also felt that he had “chicken legs,” so he started squatting heavy weights in the gym, which helped his lower body become stronger and muscular. Besides focusing on fitness training, Pedro opted for intermittent fasting to lose weight.

Pedro Has Achieved A Major Revenge Glow-Up After Chantel

Pedro Is Radiating Joy After Leaving His Problematic Marriage

Pedro was unhappy with Chantel throughout their seven-year relationship. He even gained weight after coming to the United States and living with her. Thankfully, the Dominican Republic native took control of his situation. He began working out and eating healthy, which allowed him to regain some of his confidence. Lately, Pedro has achieved a complete revenge makeover. He has gotten fit and updated his style by opting for formal outfits like suits and pants.

Pedro looks more professional now than ever. He has achieved a newfound glow, proving he’s truly happy.

Pedro Has Lost Volume From His Cheeks

Pedro’s Face Looks More Attractive After Shedding Weight

After losing 45 pounds and continuing to train in the gym, Pedro has lost a lot of volume from his face. In May 2023, Pedro posted a close-up of his face, which revealed his well-balanced facial features. He now has a less puffy face and defined cheekbones. His face looks more pleasing to the eyes, and his smile only adds more glamor to his face. An Instagram user noticed the difference in Pedro’s face and commented, “how beautiful you are.” Someone else told Pedro he looked “soooooo much happier” after breaking up with Chantel.


90 Day Fiancé: Pedro Jimeno’s Biggest Milestones (He’s Glowing After Chantel Split)

90 Day Fiancé alum Pedro Jimeno has accomplished big goals in the past year. He seems genuinely happy after splitting from Chantel Everett.

Pedro’s Sharper Jawline Makes His Face Look More Defined

Pedro Looks Handsome After Achieving A More Symmetrical Face

When Pedro first came to the United States, he began consuming unhealthy American fast food. He gained weight, which impacted the shape of his face. In 2024, Pedro regained his slim face. He has dropped weight and achieved a toned body with a sharp jawline. A few months ago, Pedro shared his portrait on Instagram. He wore a professional grey suit and smiled at the camera, confidently showing off his masculine physique. Pedro titled his post, “don’t let anything take away your smile or your happiness,” taking a shot at his ex-wife.

Pedro’s post received many positive comments applauding his transformation. An Instagram user wrote, “bro, you look better than ever,” stating that the Dominican man has achieved the best shape of his life. Another user commented, “very handsome young man,” asking Pedro to keep smiling. Fans can see that Pedro has drastically improved himself since leaving Chantel. While some critics still think he used his ex-wife despite their seven-year-long marriage, others don’t blame him for leaving her, as she seemingly sucked the happiness out of him. It’ll be interesting to see if Pedro continues transforming and growing without Chantel.

Fans Think Pedro Has Become A “Full Package”

Pedro Receives Several Supportive Messages From His Followers

Chantel’s family doubted Pedro for the longest time. Fans did the same as they accused him of being a good-for-nothing man who used his wife. However, Pedro proved everyone wrong by transforming himself. He shut down his doubters by achieving professional and personal success. Over the months, Pedro has become a complete package. He has achieved major milestones and hasn’t looked back.

Pedro is in the best shape of his life, financially and physically. He has earned his place in the United States with dedication and hard work.

Most fans also think that Pedro has evolved after leaving Chantel. In early 2024, Pedro posted a mirror selfie showing his new slim face and muscular physique. He wore a white top and looked younger than ever. Over 8k fans liked Pedro’s post, cheering him on. An Instagram user commented, “you’re only just begun I think you’ll make it very big,” stating that the reality star’s hard work paid off. Another user wrote, “the full package,” praising the 90 Day Fiancé franchise alum for making a big name for himself without relying on his wife.

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

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