Mark Wahlberg Shares His Diet and Exercise Routine


MARK WAHLBERG EATS a lot. As an actor known for taking on physically demanding roles, it’s not easy getting in all the nutrients necessary to play a Navy SEAL (Lone Survivor), a boxer (The Fighter) or an adventure racer (his newest, Arthur the King). The actor sat down with Men’s Health to reveal how his diet shapes his workout routine and overall health.

Firs thing in the morning, Wahlberg has an extensive routine to prepare himself for the day ahead. He gets up, takes vitamins, takes water with a zinc tablet, has a triple espresso, takes a cold plunge and finally takes creatine.

Then, it’s time for his first meal of the day. For breakfast, he has five eggs, a pork chop, wild smoked salmon, greek yogurt, and berries. Then he has green juice. Talk about getting in your protein.

Later in the morning, he eats again. He had chicken breasts, chicken thighs, a bowl of fruit, broccoli, and two handfuls of nuts. Then, in early afternoon, he has salmon sashimi, crab salad, cucumbers, and chicken breast. For dinner, he’ll have steak, or maybe a fish like halibut or sea bass paired with a vegetable.

He hasn’t always been this disciplined, though. “I’ve had the worst eating habits,” Wahlberg says. “It’s sad that it took me until I was about 52 years old to figure it out. If only I would have done this long ago, I think I’d have another 15 year run at doing more physical movies.”

For his training, he says he tries to focus on rest and recovery just as much as training. He does three days straight of working out, takes a rest day, then works out for two days straight after that. Then, the final day of the week, he rests. He says he used to work out every day of the week and eat far more than he does now, but it wasn’t sustainable. “Everything for me was so extreme,” he says.

But now, he’s found the routine that works best for him. And lets him get adequate rest.

For Arthur the King, he worked hard to look like an adventurer. And then… he tore his meniscus on the first day of shooting. The only thing that gave him comfort was an ice cold beer at the end of the day. Suffice to say, his diet took a hit, but eventually he bounced back.

While Wahlberg’s routine may sound daunting, he says he looks forward to it. “By the time I’ve gotten out of that cold plunge, I’m ready to go,” the actor says. “Now that I’m focusing on rest and recovery, it doesn’t feel as labor intensive as it used to be.”

Check out more about Wahlberg’s diet and exercise routine in his Eat Like video.


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