Exercising at Night Best for Blood Sugar Control

While research has shown that moderate to vigorous physical activity improves blood sugar levels for adults who are at higher risk of developing insulin resistance (often a precursor to prediabetes or type 2 diabetes), this new study adds to growing evidence that the greatest benefits may come from moving more later in the day.

The new study shows that it’s not just the amount of physical activity, but that timing is also relevant when improving blood sugar control, says coauthor Antonio Clavero Jimeno, a PhD candidate at the Sport and Health University Research Institute at the University of Granada in Spain.

“Our findings emphasize the significance of precision exercise prescription. Certified sports and medical personnel should consider the optimal timing of the day to enhance the effectiveness of the exercise and physical activity programs they prescribe, especially for people at higher risk of developing insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes,” says Jimeno.

Physical Activity at Night Is Better at Lowering Daytime Blood Sugar Levels

The study included 186 participants with an average age of 46 and an average BMI of 33. Investigators monitored physical activity and glucose patterns over a 14-day period using a wristband activity tracker and a continuous glucose-monitoring device.

The amount and timing of daily moderate to vigorous physical activity were recorded, and participants were grouped according to when people were the most active.


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